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Below see the photos from my book 'Black Man Under The Deep Blue Sea'
All the photos in the book are in black & white while several of these are in color plus there are twelve (12) extra
photos here which are NOT included in the book

Author sitting in as standby diver offshore

Author at six months old (center) with
brothers La Mont (left) and Johnny (right)

Author’s James Campbell High (Hawaii) graduation photo (17 years old)

Author during black-out hard hat training in Commercial Diving Center (1980)

Photo of Commercial Diving Center Air/Mixed Gas graduating class PD-118 (August 1980)
Author is in back row, second from left

(Above photo is NOT in the book)

Author with his Suzuki GSX-1100R in Singapore. Author invented the
Shiftcush due to riding motorcycles daily while living in Singapore.

Author with one of the Indonesian divers
after a platform inspection dive (Indonesia)

Author posing with a SuperLite 17 diving hat

Author checking the gas diving panel

Author with divers offshore in Singapore

Author operating the deck decompression chamber

Author with Jerry Caba (former roommate in Singapore and owner of
Cabaco Marine) in front of ROV offshore in Mississippi, USA

Author using a high-pressure water blaster to
clean marine growth on an offshore platform in India

Author about to make a night time platform video inspection
(Bombay High, India)

Author in a role reversal with one of the
Indonesian marines during the search for the Flor do Mar (1990)

Author wearing Kirby Morgan-18 Band Mask
preparing for a dive on the Flor do Mar project in Indonesia
(NOTE: this photo is NOT in the book)

Author testing underwater metal detector
preparing to make a metal detector dive inside the black hole
(NOTE: this photo is NOT in the book)

Author at monument in Karachi, Pakistan
(NOTE: this photo is NOT in the book)

Author in local dow heading to Karachi, Pakistan
(NOTE: this photo is NOT in the book)

Author posing with some of the unique pieces of
Song Dynasty porcelain recovered from a 700-year-old Chinese wreck
(NOTE: this photo is NOT in the book)

Author detained in jail cell in Belitung Island, Indonesia

Above six (6) photos are from the helicopter recovery in the Gulf of Thailand. All thirteen people onboard died.
If you look closely at the last two photos you can see some of the bodies hanging out.
(Above six photos are NOT in the book)

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